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's roberta gonzales. >> right now it's our live weather camera. we're currently -- livermore has 39. san jose, 43. already into the mid 30's in santa rosa. tonight, overnight, some of the coldest air masses since we began our winter season, 27 in livermore. the last time we saw that was on january 3. otherwise below freezing in napa, sonoma. 30's and 40's coming across the central bay. just about freezing everywhere. these red highlighted areas, that reflects a freeze warning that goes into effect in minutes from now, until 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. friday morning. that blue area encompasses most of the bay area for 30's. we'll talk about the warmer air mass, coming up with your pinpoint forecast later. >>> snow fell on the santa cruz mountains this morning. not a lot but a dusting on highways 35 and 9. and it's not snowing where christin is, but you can definitely see your breath. >> reporter: it's going to get down to 27 overnight. that's enough to keep people off the streets tonight in livermore and seeking shelter inside. it is freezing out here. in li
, and check out santa rosa, 63. interior east bay, antioch and livermore, 61 with hazy sun for san jose. >> an accident at san pablo with overitemmed debris and we have the app do show you what is going on and you can see near rollingwood drive, you can see it looks like toward richmond parkway which is the good alternate route, to san pablo, very slow traffic, westbound 80 involving an overturn. that is the most serious thing we have going on this morning. and further to the west, 80 westbound, it is lighter because everyone is budge -- bunched up, and as you make your way to the bay bridge, no delays and mass transit is showing no delays and it is a "spare the air" day. >> the san francisco man accused of doubting his girlfriend on gasoline and setting her on fire is behind bars. amy joins us live with how police took the man into custody. amy? >> kristen, the relatives of the victim can focus their attention on her and her recovery here at st. francis. before he was caught the victim's relatives told me they were feeling very anxious about dexter oliver being on the run trying to hel
's kris sanchez has more in livermore. it's going to be an eye opening public forum. >> reporter: thank you very much, raj. the facilities to test those plutonium cores, what makes a bomb a bomb. they haven't had the security adequate to do that kind of work since september and yet now there is talk about bringing some of those bomb cores or pits from los alamos to livermore labs for testing, something the watchdog group says could be catastrophic. >> they literally shake and bake plutonium bomb cores. >> reporter: marylia says not once has they taken pits from new mexico. >> there are safer alternatives. it makes nobody safe. to put the bomb cores on a truck at los alamos, bring them through at least three states, take the shortest route to livermore labs, test them at livermore labs, put them back on the truck, send them back across the three states to los alamos labs. >> our understanding is they're having some very, very predecisional discussions about possibilities. >> jim bono, the public affairs, says the national if you can leer safety administration will make the decision. the
change. 20s for a few. livermore is in there. santa rosa. 44 san francisco. a lot of 30s. keep our eye on fog out toward the valley. maybe some of that popping up a little later. usually does 7:00, 8:00. there is some getting closer to the coast. overall temperatures started the day off. now it's very, very cold. pattern is kind of stuck here. to the north things might change a little bit. but for us a little bit of patchy fog sunny and warm. hazy skies. everything is cane of stuck. 60s now. mid 60s to 70 down toward santa cruz. ordinary reason that it looks like a very quiet weekend. pam. >>> thank you, steve. a high surf advisory goes into effect later today. it will last through most of the weekend. the incoming swells good news for making conditions ideal for this sunday's mavericks big wave surfing competition. that contest begins at 8:00 in the morning. speck tailors -- spectators not allowed on the beach because of the big waves. >>> looks like a hijacking scare aboard an alaskan airways flight may have been a hoax. two military planes escorted the plane to sea tech airport. the
. eastbound 580 first report of an accident. we will get do that in livermore in a second. the toll plaza first, for metering lights are on with traffic stacked to the overcrossing. then sluggish on the incline into san francisco. eastbound 580, this is the accident i was talking about with scars cleared to the shoulder and fortunately it is the reverse commute but slow track is heavy out of the central valley and over the altamont pass into dublin interchange and the debris has been cleared at san jose after cars have been getting flat tires from the debris. >> new video in the abc7 showing the inside of the brazilian nightclub where 230 people died over the weekend. people released this video shot inside the charred ruins of the nightclub. above you can see what appears to be insulation hanging from the ceiling. that insulation likely caught fire and spread the flames sparked by pyrotechnics. the cluck had no springers and no emergency exits. >> in degree needed? which college graduates are landing degrees that make their -- landing jobs that make their degrees worthness. >> hillary cli
want livermore with more for us. allen? >> if you look behind me you can see the temperature hovering just above freezing right now. the good thing is that it's not windy so the whipped chill is down. still people came out tonight prepared for the cold. pulling off header in near freezing temperatures didn't seem to bother the high school soccer team in livermore or the mont vista high opponent but the weather was definitely a factor in the bleachers. >> probably a little colder than i am. >>reporter: some fans came equipped with mile an hour tour pro paper heaters and some sat on the lava seats you put in the microwave for 3 minute. >> then it's warm and stays warm for about 3 to 4 hours and it keeps you turn warm. >>reporter: 7:30 tonight it was 38 degrees and dropping in downtown livermore. one of the coldest places in the bay area. but the streets were still bustling and restaurants were so packed that some people were willing to take a seat outside. >> getting a table is faster. popular place. hard to get a seat sometimes. >>reporter: drive home is what the chp is concern
tonight. allen is live in do you want livermore with more for us. allen? >> if you look behind me you can see the temperature hovering just above freezing right now. the good thing is that it's not windy so the whipped chill is down. still people came out tonight prepared for the cold. pulling off header in near freezing temperatures didn't seem to bother the high school soccer team in livermore or the mont vista high oeathert the weather was definitely a factor in the bleachers. >> probably a little colder than i am. >>reporter: some fans came equipped with mile an hour tour pro paper heaters and some sat on the lava seats you put in the microwave for 3 minute. >> then it's warm and stays warm for about 3 to 4 hours and it keeps you turn warm. >>reporter: 7:30 tonight it was 38 degrees and dropping in downtown livermore. one of the coldest places in the bay area. but the streets were still bustling and restaurants were so packed that some people were willing to take a seat outside. >> getting a table is faster. popular place. hard to get a seat sometimes. >>reporter: drive home i
factor in tonight's forecast, 43 in livermore. san fransisco at 46. factor in the wind it feels like it's the 30s outside. tonight most of the bay area dipping down to near freezing or even below. coldest location will be livermore at 27 degrees. got to go back to january 3rd to find that kind of temperature. otherwise just about freezing around the peninsula. you see these red highlighted areas, that's where there is a freeze warning that goes into effect in a matter of hours from now, 2 a.m. tomorrow morning to 8 a.m. when many of you are heading out the door for your morning rush. the blue area is the frost advisory which encompasses most of the bay area. we'll talk about the cold snap and the number of days it should linger. >> we'll see new a minute. >>> southern california also getting a blast of the cold this evening. that's interstate 5 over the grapevine chosed tonight because of snow and ice, traffic backed up for miles. people stuck in it. and we're hearing they're getting lightning down there as well. the grapevine expected to be closed all night long. >>> wine country is al
already. santa rosa is in there and livermore and many locations are close. it will be a little warmer. near 60. here is sal. >>> steve, we still have road work out there from the overnight on 880 near downtown oakland and other spots but it's not cause anything major traffic problems. that traffic is looking good. also the morning commute is going to be off to a good start if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. now let's go back to the the desk. >>> oakland's public safety committee approved a controversial crime fighting plan opinion the vote came last night. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland city hall. tara, good morning. >> good morning opinion it got pretty heated. people on potato sides of the issue really take -- people on both sides of the issue really taking a stand. they had to tell one of the sides to settle down repeatedly. angry protestors repeatedly heckled police chief howard jordan and other supporters of this controversial crime fighting plan. it would include hiring former los angeles police chief william as a consult
are reporting stations. quarter-mile visibility at concord and santa rosa and half mile in napa and livermore and 1.5 mile in fairfield. most of the bay and the bayshore are okay or the coast. 50's with increasing clouds. chance of a scatter showers in the authority bay in the afternoon. the rest of us later in the afternoon and evening, another isolated chance of a shower tomorrow and cold the next couple of mornings. >> foggy weather out there looking at our traffic app, 680 is foggy by the benicia bridge so take extra caution through martinez and into concord because the fog could be patchy and heavy. abc7 app store at google play you can get a free app to livermore, north livermore we have debris there causing flat tires and the westbound direction and we have a stall southbound 238 beyond 580 blocking one lane of traffic and first reports of a new accident west 37 at highway 121 leaving vallejo headed to novato. >> new this morning the most prominent church will begin performing same-sex marriages. officials at the washington, dc cathedral are announcing they will be among the first epis
dropped into the mid-20s, 2954 current and napa at freezing for livermore and pleasanton. these are just some of the cold spots. we have several spies hovering in the low to mid 30's. we have areas of frost, you'll probably need to scrape your windshield. that is a cold start to the morning and it looks like temperatures will continue to beat the lotus seasonal average as we head into this afternoon. clear skies this afternoon and mostly cloudy conditions. into the evening hours a mostly cleared evening in store for us. temperatures will be in the 30's by 8:00 p.m. tonight. future cast force shows later on this morning and keeping it in that there is for most of our inland spots. will be low '40's right around the waterfront the heart of the bay is that a severance as go oakland. not too cold of the morning. but in the clock and the motion a mixture of upper '40's, most of these in the afternoon. temperatures are a little cooler the more they should be for this time of year but then again it will look pretty nice. we also do not have any right to talk about for today. into friday unfortu
in livermore. >> the key is getting colder outside in livermore. the temperature is now 27 degrees. it is very cold in chilly this morning. i have seen a few people out for a montmorning run or a job. they told me that the cold weather does not bother them. >> i just dressed appropriately and when i get home i described the heat up. >> you have the jacket, the be me. >> i have more than that. i have all two sweaters. >> i suppose you cannot let the cold bother you if you're willing to come out this early. when you look at how empty the streets are. this bank signed a showing 27 degrees. some people are choosing to just say inside and stay under their covers. >> we are getting our first report of black eyes this morning. north bound to a just south. there was a spinoff due to the icy conditions. as we take it outside to the toll plaza we are starting to see a back up form. fasttrack is still doing just fine. if you will still have to wait a while and the cash lanes. the east bay freeway is for the most part are looking good. the peninsula has light traffic and those of you come from the north b
for the marina. it is just holding on and there are a lot of 20s and 30s this morning and now livermore is in there concord fairfield santa rosa, it will be slightly warmer around the bay with an east wind. here is sal. >>> good morning, 101 approaching the 880 split and san francisco no major problems there also it looks good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. >>> right now crews from several fire agencies are putting out hot spots. it started shortly before 4:00 a.m. this morning along a vacant building in the city of crocket. ktvu channel 2 morning news bringing you pictures and they are calling this fire suspicious since nobody lives in that area. alex savage is on the scene getting some new information for us and he will have a live update in the next half hour. >>> live in sonoma, a body found inside the car near a college campus. it was found right near petaluma university and what do you know now, tara? >> reporter: well authorities say the circumstances under which they found this body are suspicious. a deput
visibility in concord. half a mile in livermore. we're going to see it. the rain doesn't arrive. it is cold out there. not as frigid as yesterday morning. 40s on the map. san jose at 43. 43 degrees this morning in oakland. good-looking day shaping up. we have a little game happening on saturday. i don't know if you heard of it. 49ers playoff. we'll have the forecast coming up in the next report. talking about the potential for the storm system on the way to bring snowshowers to parts of the bay area. potentially in san francisco. so we are expecting the first shower around 6:00 tonight. we'll see if your city is fair game for dusting of the wide stuff through thursday. that's ready to go. the next report ten minutes from now. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we are looking at fremont where the traffic starts to pick up. the volume southbound with headlights. we see more cars coming past. we'll look at the tri valley west 580. slows worse at north livermore because of an earlier issue. there is debris and three cars with flat tires. quite a distraction. the off ramp could affect the flow
warns or frost advisories. but the inland valleys still very chilly. santa rosa, 35, livermore, 37. concord, 35. likely dropping below freezing for santa rose affairfield, and lifemore -- fairfield, and livermore. you will need a jacket especially for the kids tomorrow morning. an angelo of 40, san francisco. san jose, 34. livermore, averaged 30 over the past seven days. we are mainly dry, we'll stay mainly dry. and look at this ridge of high pressure setting the storm track up toward alaska and northern british columbia. that is rare this time of year to have a high pressure dome this big and strong. it's not going to move for 7-10 days. high pressure in control, not moving. we will begin to warm up and get into the 60s. nights will still be chilly, 30s away from the water. highs around 60 for much of the rest of this week and into next week. livermore, 56. back to average. san jose, 59. sunnyvale, 58. sunshine in san ramon. mill valley 55, san francisco 56. tomorrow though, some inland spots will hit 60. mid-60s by thursday and friday. and look at all that sunshine for the weeke
morning, everybody, not so good. tough to get around. livermore is half a mile to quarter mile visibility. and same in napa, and same in santa rose, and there is a thick bit of fog through san ramon. at 32 degrees. i am worried about that area with black ice. look what going on: the store system from yesterday slid do southern california and now going into baja, mexico. the next storm is to the north. we will have clouds today. that is it. a little bit of a warming trend beginning today and lasting two days. tomorrow. today, it will be warmer, and mid-to-upper 50's and by 7:00 we are back in the low to upper 40's. on tuesday we could crack 60 in many areas around the bay but wednesday we have more clouds and it looks like headed into wednesday and thursday a possibility of a sprinkle or two as the next system comes through but the cooler weather is the big story. enjoy today. >> to san mateo bridge, no fog and light traffic. the peninsula side is looking good. we have a dense fog advisory for the dumbarton bridge. and north 101 road work in the left lane until 5:00. the on-ramp of southbo
, from this morning. 24, santa rosa. 38, san francisco, oakland, 35. 25 degrees this morning in livermore. 28 in redwood city. san jose, 26 degrees, and that sets a new record. now, tomorrow morning, temperatures will be much like this morning. maybe a degree or two. warmer, maybe a degree or two colder. but you can see that once again, well below freezing in many locations, accept -- santa rosa, 25. 32, oakland. 40 for redwood city, and 28 for san jose. beyond that, by tuesday morning, temperatures start to moderate a little bit. check out san francisco overnight low of 41 anticipated. 28 for livermore, and redwood city will actually manage before the freezings mark at 35 degrees. this slight warming overnight, and also during the day, will coin through wednesday, thursday, friday. already 39 degrees right now. and it's 46 in san francisco, 41 concord, livermore, 41, san jose, los gatos, half moon bay, low 40s this hour, too. freezing temperatures overnight, cool morning, through mid-week, and then this whole work week will be dry and will gradually warm each day, especially the latter p
. and some of the most recognizable brands pay livermore's food lab thousands of dollars to rip apart their products in blind taste tests against competitors. so they can improve flavor, and shelf life. >> they come to us for the truth. they come to us for science. >> they say, we need someone to tell us what this product tastes like. and how it smells and what it looks like and what its texture is. but we get very consistent, almost machine-like terms. >> the food that comes into the lab mirrors what americans are buying or eating. remember the '90s, when everything had to be fat-free. that trend gave way to products that are organic and all-natural. now, the food tasters are encountering food that's free of sodium and gluten-free. >> looking at the formula, puts it on the shelf. it really doesn't happen that way. the food companies are working on something all the time to make sure it's the most competitive product out there. >> reporter: professional taste testers are hired for not only their acute taste and smell. but ability to verbalize what they observe. >> things they might no
and vallejo. 31 in livermore and napa. that's not as cold as it was the last few nights. it is getting less cold. we have another spare the air day. air quality will be poor. inland east bay and parts of the north bay, but it will be just moderate in other locations. the complete accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you then. >>> police are looking for a 17-year-old girl missing since last friday. her name is morgan stanton. she was last seen leaving foothill high school. morgan is 5 feet tall and 95 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. police believe she may have been headed to livermore. we don't have anymore information as to whether they suspect she could be a run away. >>> new at 11:00, there are reports that several americans have been taken captive in algeria. a heavily-armed military group kidnapped them in a bp oil field. earlier reports said three americans were being held hostage, but the militants claim they have seven americans and 41 people overall. french media reports the hostages are being held in one wing of the facility tied up with the power turned off. th
dropping to 30 in santa rosa and vallejo. 31 in livermore and napa. that's not as cold as it was the last few nights. it is getting less cold. we have another spare the air day. air quality will be poor. inland east bay and parts of the north bay, but it will be just moderate in otherlocations. the complete accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you then. >>> police are looking for a 17-year-old girl missing since last friday. her name is morgan stanton. she was last seen leaving foothill high school. morgan is 5 feet tall and 95 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. police believe she may have been headed to livermore. we don't have anymore information as to whether they suspect she could be a run away. >>> new at 11:00, there are reports that several americans have been taken captive in algeria. a heavily-armed military group kidnapped them in a bp oil field. earlier reports said three americans were being held hostage, but the militants have seven americans and 41 people overall. french media reports the hostages are being held in one wing of the facility tied up with the p
. livermore, 25. redwood city, down to 28 degrees. 26 degrees setting a record low for san jose this morning. overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning as well as tuesday morning, will you notice temperatures by tuesday morning, will come up a little bit. overnight tonight, still in the mid to low 20s in the interior valley area. santa rosa getting up to 25 tonight. oakland 32. 24 for livermore. san jose down to 28 degrees. check out tuesday morning, where the warmer air mass starts to sink in, overnight temperatures will come up four or five degrees. a little more comfortable overnight as we head into that time fme. 44 degrees in napa. 43 in novato. north winds are starting to move in through the valleys. temperatures actually come up 6 degrees in the last hour or so. an indication there are some winds and 32 in concord and 44 in livermore. here is a look at our forecast. continue with that freeze warning overnight. cool mornings through mid-week and then after that we will start to warm up as temperatures climb up back into the 60s by the end of the workweek. here is a look at the freeze w
. >> the deep freeze continues to deepen. livermore is down to 38 degrees. it was at 44 minutes ago but the wind, so far, now calmed. a lowing that temperature to -- allowing that temperature to plummet. meanwhile, tonight, overnight, we are expecting to dip down to 25 degrees. yesterday or overnight we had a record of 26 degrees there. 20s in livermore throughout the try valley. 22 in -- tri-valley. 22 again that is why we have a warning in place. frost advisory is in place. this is a prolonged cold snap. so, we will tell you when the warmer more mild air mas will move back into the area. and ann that is coming up later in the newscast. >> looking forward to that, thanks. >>> backyard plants and the ones end up on your dinner plate are about to entkaour lower temperatures in california. citrus crops are vulnerable and people who run nurseries are sweating out the cold weather. it this landscape supply company owner says he was able to salvage some of his trees. >> we moved our citrus trees, young ones under cover the night before last. >> repor
. this construction is overnight westbound. we do see slueing past north livermore. no problem at the dublin interchange. a live look out at the peninsula. easy for the pattern into san francisco in palo alto. the bay bridge traffic coming off the city side lower deck into the city upper deck. nice flow of traffic. >> thank you very much. it's 5:20. a big story out of major league baseball. the league investigating a miami clinic for allegedly supplying performance enhancing drugs to a number of current star players including former ace pitcher gio gonzales. the miami news times is reporting malki cabrera and yankees third baseman alex rodriguez among a half dozen players listed in the records of the anti-aging clinic bio general nis of america llc. we can tell you that clinic is closed. cabrera, colon and rodriguez have tested positive in the past. this is the first time for gonzales who is now a washington national and he's been linked for the first time for performance enhancing drugs. >> 5:21. coming up super bowl coverage continues. people betting on all kinds of things including the br
yesterday and the day before could be an issue. livermore showing a quarter mile. we are looking at vilejo and the north bay for commuters. 101, interstate 80 and highway 37 out of vilejo as well. another live look shows you the south bay. this is clear now. i will show you a wider view of the commute coming up. yesterday and the day before, low clouds later. we'll track it. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up, word this morning about another phone apple is working on. the one thing that makes this one different from the iphone. >> how do you keep up? >> plus, you have never seen this before. the newest got to have gadget every homeowner will want. we'll take you to the consumer electronics show for a preview. citigroup, wells fargo and capital one. security researchers say the hacks are too sophisticated for amateurs and they announced no money was stolen which they say is evidence of safe sponsor attacks. i.t. officials believe iran may be retaliating for the u.s. imposed sanctions. >> this morning a group of san francisco city employees will ask their employer to stop supporting
as yesterday, the winds are out there and it feels almost as cold with eight-mile-per-hour wind at livermore and nine in novato and six-mile-per-hour wind in san jose. temperatures around 32 inland at 7:00 to nearly 40 around the bay and to the coast. upper 40's at noon and near 50 for the afternoon and back in the 30's and 40's by 7:00. moving forward we will have warmer afternoons and mid-50's tomorrow, mid-to-upper 50's on wednesday, and mid-50's to low 60's by thursday. kristen? >> new this morning, britain's royal pal has announced this summer prince william and kate will be welcoming their new arrival. the palace says the royal baby is due in july. the couple are advertising for a servant to attend the royal household duties including cooking and cleaning to be a personal assistant and chauffeur. >> new this morning, france's ruling socialist party is refusing to back down on plans to legalize same-sex marriage a day after hundreds of thousands of people turned out in protest. the large crowd demonstrated yesterday in paris angry over plans to girlfriend same-sex marriage the right to
school in livermore stands were full of portable heaters with seat warmers doing whatever they could to ease the chill. restaurants had the outdoor heaters blasting for the customers who had to wait or east outside. chp officers are worried about the drive home. they say the cold brings with it treacherous threat: black ice. >> road looks wet. you do not notice tire spray coming off the road. watch out because you are most likely on black ice. >> be careful on the road and bundle up especially the dependence because the cold can kill plants, it is harsh on animals so bring the pets inside and leave them there. the trees warning will be in effect until 8:00 this morning and, again, at 2:00 in the morning tomorrow so it is here to stay so bundle up and stay inside. reporting live in danville for abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. in southern california, interstate five over the grapevine remains closed because of snow. this is the way it looked yesterday, the ice created dangerous roadways as dozens of citizens were reported. the road will re-open when the weather allows. the winter conditi
is standing by this morning with the latest on the cold weather he is seeing. you are out in livermore right? >> i am out in livermore and it is below freezing. i can't complain because the last time you saw me it was 31 degrees. according to the thermometer is still 31 so at least it is not dropping. this is probably a lot warmer than it will be as the morning moves on. you cannot see the wind chill right now because the trees are empty but we will walk a little further to give you a perfect example. even though it says 31 degrees if you add the wind chill it really burns your ears. look at the flag and how it is blowing right now. league for all over the place on the freeway driving here. if you leave from livermore definitely bumbled bundle up. sam francisco of 10 degree >> we are taking a look at how cold it is. in the next few hours we will see temperatures getting even colder. >> there is a wind chill of 28 degrees dress like it is in the '20s. san mateo is also at the freezing level, a sunnyvale, novato is just one degree above that freezing mark. the area and i were comparing our boa
valley and sonoma. 35 degrees this morning. 28 degrees in napa. 39 in concord and livermore. 30 degrees in gilroy. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to remain on the mild side as we head throughout the afternoon. we'll get another beautiful day just like yesterday. also air quality has improved so feel free to get outdoors and enjoy it. a good looking weekend shaping up as well. saturday will be great for your outdoor activities. we might see a little bit of a stray shower as we get into your sunday. let's time that out for you taking you through the next few days. we stop the clock for you as we head through tonight. area of low pressure will drive in more clouds bringing a foggy start to the day tomorrow. low clouds and drizzle on the way. onshore flow resumes. then as we head throughout your saturday, high pressure is able to rebuild. you'll see a nice, sunny sky through the late part of saturday into sunday. a slight chance for a shower. mostly north bay but you can see the cutoff low is running parallel with the california coastline. throughout the day we
in livermore right now. 29 in gilroy. 33 degrees dropping pretty substantially in santa cruz as well. rare to get to freezing mark by the ocean. that's what's happening here in the bay area. 29 now in napa. bring in the sensitive plants. don't want to do any damage. you water them every day. travel cautiously this morning. we could find black ice out there through the next hour. coldest time of day is near sunrise. that will be about 7:19. clear your car windows. you may have frost out there. give yourself plenty of time to warm up your vehicle. today's high in the 50s. colder weather to get through over the course of the weekend and maybe another chance of a rare dusting of snow very low levels. we'll talk about that coming up. for today get that jacket ready to go. pull out scarf and mittens and whole nine yards. 50 in gilroy. 51 degrees in san jose which brings me to the 49ers forecast in my next report. a good looking game. cold out there. that's your tease for now. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> aaron rodgers and his boys going down. >> there we go. 6:09. coming up, the flu hit
and san francisco is at 47. san jose is 42. we have 37 in livermore the visibility map showing this is moving around and the national weather service canceled the advisory for the north bay and east bay possibly too soon with quarter-mile visibility and half a mile and the north bay with independence pa and santa rosa less than half a mile and livermore reporting quarter mile. as we progress during lunch time hour temperatures will warm and we will have hazy sunshine and warming into the low 60's. by 4:00, a few more clouds move in overnight we will look for the clouds to thicken up and temperatures drop by the 7:00 hour. there is very dense fog and highway 4, between antioch and pittsburg has a handle on it. >> we have abc7 traffic app with very thick fog between antioch and pittsburg and westbound highway four could be sluggish but that is typical leaving antioch headed toward concord. this app is free to navigate your commute downloaded from apple app or google play. and eastbound dumbarton bridge, the road work will be picked up at 6:00 a.m. today with in significant slowin
's a look from the east bay camera where out in livermore, just 42 right now. 43 downtown. we will talk about when going to warm up and an extended freeze warning in effect for tonight. that's all coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the 49ers advance to the nfc championship game for the second straight year with colin kaepernick setting an nfl rushing record for quarterback. mike shumann has the highlights. he has the postgame reaction and all of tha here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> those green bay packer fans were probably laughing at us in town thinking this weather was cold, but it is cold. >> it is cold. even the south bay dipped down to 29 degrees in san jose. here's a look from mt. tam and the way we have it shaded here even looks cool out there. tonight we will did it all again. likely a freeze warning for all of the valleys. we are skill very, very cold out there. we are cloud free not only for today but the next
and livermore and it could be a bit warmer than your neighborhood. we have upper 30's around redwood city and los los gatos. yesterday was a gloomy day, and you can see the jet stream is split. we are in between two flows right now. that will not hang around much longer but for today and tomorrow it will be completely dry. temperatures starting in the 30's to 40's throw mid-50's by noon and at 4:00 in the mid-50's dropping back to jack it weather -- jacket weather by 7:00 low-to-mid 40's. slightly warmer tomorrow and a run at 60 around the bay and wednesday a few sprinkles. the system that will cool us, though, is back in the mid-to-upper 50's and a chance of chilly showers and mountain snow around our neighborhoods for thursday. now, outside travel? >> if you are traveling this is thick fog in the san jaoquin valley and possible snow flurries, as well, so a good idea to take 101 headed to the southern portion of our state. right here in the mountain view area, an accident on the shoulder, and santa rosa, north 101 we have an accident on mendocino and a fog advisory at the dumbarton bridg
each day here for some. temperatures right now 20s concord. livermore 27. santa rosa 29. it's darn cold out there. it will be a little warmer near 60 for a few. oakland down to santa cruz. here is sal. >>> good morning. traffic on westbound 24 looks good driving up to the tunnel. there are no major problems by the way on interstate 680 from concord to walnut creek. also the morning commute on westbound 92 the san mateo bridge nice drive over to the peninsula. let's go back to the desk. >>> the city of oakland one step closer to adopting a new crime fighting plan. that is following a late night vote last night and a really heated meeting inside city hall. tara moriarty joining us live now to tell us why this crime plan is stirring up so much emotion. tara. >> reporter: stop and frisk is at the heart of the controversy here. it's supported by a consultant. someone who could be hired by oakland police to crack down on crime. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: angry protestors repeatedly heckled chief howard jordon and other supporters of the controversial crime fighting plan. it includes hiring fo
. >>> 6:39 is the time. unfortunately sal says a crash in livermore. >> that is right. this is a sig alert reported chp of 580 in livermore. this would be 580 eastbound at greenville road. they also reported westbound. we are investigating and we'll let you know which direction it is. it seems to me based on the traffic patterns it's in the westbound direction. chp first reported at eastbound. we'll let you know more about it where the crash is. news chopper 2 is on the way. let's go to live pictures now. bay bridge. that is back up to about a 20 minute deray. no major problems get into the city. if you are driving on oakland 880 north that traffic looks good. let's go to mark. >>> hi there, sal. good morning, to you. look sat this beautiful shot. we have clerisies here. it is cold out there. but it's still a pretty nice day to step outside. contrast out to new orleans we saw ken's live shot. you can see the strong front moving through. he was talking about the temperature in there. there is a cold front right now it's 57 degrees. that much of a drop off in temperatures. sorry about the qu
morning james. >> started off with stray showers in the livermore area. light rain in palo alto as well. a live look at storm tracker 4 the majority of the bay area is dry. as we zoom in interstate 580 approaching downtown livermore as you make your way of the altamonte pass light rain. mirer to heavy rain in some of i unincorporated areas. >> over to the bayshore freeway around redwood city we are picking up light rain. it depends on where you're located. this is not a big crane maker. some residual showers from systems we have dealt with for the past couple of days. >> we also have areas of dense fog. navato is down to a mile. have at mile and santa rosa. to would have miles and livermore. --two and a half miles in livermore. >> temperatures are insulated this morning because of the cloud cover. and mixing up upper '40's it low 50s. 534 oakland and hayward. . 51 and pleasanton. >> upper 50s, lows 60s select conditions compare to what we are dealing with yesterday. >> san francisco 59. 57 in san raphael. lows 60s for richmond concord. 61 in hayward. 62 in san jose. >> satellite and rad
in late. 33 degrees in gilroy. 33 in livermore. 37 in san jose. you will have opportunities to get outdoors this weekend. they will be limited. i'll time you out when it comes to that next system coming up in just a minute. stop the clock on future cast this morning for the return of the fog. it will be back this morning. that will keep temperatures overnight a little more on the mild side. you just want to keep this in mind reduced visibility between 7:00 and 9:00 and by 11:00, skies clear. a nice finish to the day. temperatures warming into mid 60s. 63 degrees in santa cruz. area of low pressure starts to arrive as we get closer to sunday. we'll talk more about that. what that means for your household if you will in fact see those showers because not everyone in the bay area will. that's coming up in the next report. let's talk to mike. we never want to leave you out. we love you. >> fresh off that congratulations from jon for making it to friday. that's good stuff. over to the east shore freeway where berkeley moves nicely. this is westbound with those headlights. good spacing b
freezing in livermore. we're sock ed in with fog. patchy frost in addition to low hanging clouds. keep that in mind this morning. travel really cautiously. we don't have any rain. you can keep that umbrella at home right where it is. now temperatures today are going to stay cool for the first part of the day while the fog burns off. you are down to a quarter mile visibility in livermore. three-quarter in napa and santa rosa. across the board we'll drop off throughout the morning we'll go to future cast. mostly cloudy conditions across the greater bay area when the fog will be at its thickest. between 7:00 and 11:00, we get clearing. a weak disturbance will pass to the north driving in high mid level clouds later on today. it's going to kick up our winds and that will keep fog from settling in. tomorrow morning same deal. look at these numbers. look at where we're headed. ten-degree jump from yesterday. 61 in san jose. 61 degrees today in beautiful las vegas. 62 for gilroy. looking good. we're go to hold onto sunshine through tuesday and then clouds thicken up and temperatures drop off
the frigid conditions. let's start with jean elle, in livermore, which is one of the coldest places in the bay area, at 11:00 tonight, jean. >> reporter: you don't have to convince me of that. my phone tells me it's 31 degrees here in downtown livermore. it can feel cold inside, even when you have the heat on. but some people in the bay area tonight can't turn the heat on because the power is out. crews work to clear the redwood trees that fell. neighbors say it was loud. >> i could hear the trees starting to fall. >> reporter: no one was hurt. an arborist says root rot caused the tree to give way. it knocked power lines down, knocking pour out to 69 homes. 30 of those homes are expected to stay dark until tuesday morning. they are cozying up by the fire and cooking on a gas stove by candlelight. it will be a long, cold night for 12-year-old maddie. >> i'm very devastated that i don't have internet for eight hours. >> reporter: eight hours and counting. the lack of power and cold temperatures was too much for several people affected by the outage. >> it's freezing cold. >> reporter:
at the livermore valley, traffic looks good from livermore to dublin and caster valley and dumbarton bridge looks good and in the south bay there are no accidents or stalls. 5:06 let's go to steve. >>> well i just tweeted this out, anchorage alaska is 31, burbank is 34 with an east wind at 22 miles per hour so it is warmer in anchorage than many locations down here. i think i saw scottsdale was 25. cold patchy frost, freeze warn being are out and it is going to be here. maybe early the end of the month and until then, very cold mornings and we will start to see this cold air modified. it helps coast and bay and there is a 32 in anchorage and it looks like they will park it over the west coast. 20 for fairfield. i know it is closer to napa and menlo park. we have lost that breeze and there is a little component of an east shore breeze. it is definitely dry. temperatures 50s for some, low mid-and i don't want to say upper yet. it is getting close for oakland and 52 livermore and it is a complete flip flop from six months ago. temperatures are starting to come up coast and bay and we will hold that
spots, santa rosa, napa, livermore, redwood city and morgan hill. >>> more about the weather now, during the day it is nice, but as soon as the sun goes down it gets cold. >> yeah. dress in layers. temperatures off to a cold start again. a look at the chilly over night temperatures from this morning. this list of 20s showing up, santa rosa, napa, livermore. fairfield 27. walnut creak 29 degrees. over night tonight we do not have a frost advisory or freeze warning but still cold. patchy frost will be "likely" as we -- likely as we head into your thursday. one thing that could warm us up, high clouds off shore. they will continue to drift into had region with partly cloudy skies across parts of the bay area. as far as current numbers, updated for 5:00 p.m. hour, cooling off back down into the 40s, fairfield, concord, livermore, livermore 49. san francisco downtown 54 degrees. chill in in the air. over night lows, these numbers 1-3 degrees warmer than the temperatures from this morning but still very cold. upper 20s. upper 20s santa rosa, napa 29 degrees. fairfield 28. san jose mid-30s. san
. at we look at 880 southbound, this traffic in oakland looks good. and in the livermore valley, grand line, may be a little more than that, we will keep an eye on it as we move to union city, let's go to steve. >>> thank you very much. most of the rain is probably in line for that so there is a lot of cloud cover, the overnight lows are warmer and 40s and 50s for some h even mid-50s. there will be two parts to it and another one will drop in on sunday but they don't look strong for rain. santa rosa some of the heaviest amounts could fall and maybe about an inch to a half inch and maybe an inch or less would probably cover it. 54 in half-moon bay, redwood city is close, much warmer inland and even napa airport, a balmy 52 compared to yesterday. there is hit and miss / and dash -- splash and dash showers. cloudy light rain, warmer lows but cooler afternoon highs. mid-50s, upper 50s and low 60s which was so warm for a while and it is starting to get around with inland temperatures. cloudy to mostly cloudy, all the way to friday, with your weekend always in view, your forecast models are
. showers in the lever more valley. you see this -- livermore valley. you see this, this is where it is been all day. showers in livermore. light rain there. fremont showers earlier today. south, san jose, showers down there now. sclera showers -- santa clara, showers. this activity is going to continue throughout the evening hours. there is more showery activity in the forecast, especially for the south and the eastern bay area. when i come back we will go to the latest model, towards the weekend, there is mow showers in the -- more showers in the morcast. i will be back -- forecast. i will be back. >> download the ktvu app or go to and click on the link near the top of the page. >> senator dianne feinstein reintroduced legislation to ban weapons. a report from washington, d.c. on the resistance the bill faces and the bay area mother whose are vowing to fight for its passage. >> reporter: lawmakers, police and victims stood behind senator dianne feinstein as she reintroduced a assault weapons ban. it is stricter than the expired 1994 ban. the new bill bans the sale of assault w
into sunday. storm tracker 4 is not showing much but we did have some passing showers for livermore valley. the fog is in direct relation to the rain we had c of the last couple of days. there is a lot of moisture in the air pushing to the surface. as a result we are seeing some of the dense fog out with 3 mi. of the visibility for hayward. the cop fog will continue to thicken up and we may see delays on at sfo later this morning. i will have full details on that but at 60 1:00 a.m. here is george. >> we are not taking any hot spots but they're no metering lights at the toll plaza. whipping up some traffic for highway four now and interstate 580 but the rest of the bay area commute look great and it is a very light traffic. >> in antioch school officials are warning parents to keep their eyes on children. a man tried to lure a young boy and his car yesterday near sutter elementary and antioch. will tran is live and antioch. >> what happens when school starts as they will talk the children about stranger danger. after school the fifth grader was walking home and all the sudden a car what co
, a look at the handful of temperatures, 25 degrees in petaluma. 27 in walnut creak. 20s napa, livermore. 30s oakland and 40 in san francisco. tonight will be one of the last really cold night. i will have a look at what you could expect coming up. >>> and send us your photos or videos of your neighborhood. e-mail us directly or post them to facebook or twitter. >>> neighbors are without power after a tree crashed into a home and power lines. the tree fell about 11:30 a.m. this morning. one person was inside the home but rescued unharmed. the tree cut power to 70 homes in the area. all but 30 have been restored and pg&e says it may take all night to get power back on. >>> the street violence in oakland set a staggering pace this weekend and leaders are at odds on how to fight it. ktvu's allie rasmus is live with the tactics to crack down on this. >> reporter: some say the mayor should declare a local state of emergency to get more officers on the streets. but the mayor jean quan and the police chief say that is not the solution. >> the mayor and police chief spoke. the child's mother wa
inland locations. 47 livermore. 53 in oakland. looking at warming today half moon bay up nine degrees. san francisco, up, two. better than two for antioch as well as livermore. there is an indication temperatures starting to moderate a bill bit. so that snap eases tonight going to be milder for wednesday, lut first part of the week you can expect temperatures to climb back up into 60s. lows tonight frost warnings and some locations will get close to below freezing. brentwood foo 30s opposed to 30s where you were in the 20s. here is the big picture, nice ridge of high pressure. the storm track is way up here that, is where this ridge is going to keep it for the next four to five days. that parcel of cold air pushing towards east. due to cold temperatures are into the weekend. east bay temperatures begin to warm up. right on through the weekend. here is a look at highs for wednesday. in santa rosea, 57 in napa. oakland you'll climb to 59 degrees, nice mild temperatures for antioch as well as livermore tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. 59 for san jose. and we'll talk about 60s down towards san
. it was 25 degrees in livermore. redwood city, 28. and that 26 in san jose set a new record. let's talk about tomorrow morning as well as tuesday morning, because temperatures will start to moderate a little bit. tomorrow, santa rosa, 25. you'll notice temperatures will come up a few degrees from tonight. -- actually go down a few degrees. 36 for monday morning, 32, oakland, 30, redwood city. tonight and tomorrow morning, could be one of the coldest nights, and then tuesday the high starts to position itself towards the east, and that's going to mean temperatures moderating. oakland, 38, and look for 35, warmer overnight temperatures for redwood city. so hang on. tonight is cold and then we'll start to warm up as we get into monday night, tuesday morning. right now we're in the 40s. 46 for livermore. 50 in redwood city. and here's a look at the forecast. freezing temps overnight. cool morning through mid-week, and then after that, get ready for a dry week ahead, and also warmer temperatures. we'll climb into the 60s the latter part of the work week, freeze warning the entire bay area, purple
the antioch rio vista area to the livermore valley. quickly moving into san jose, the santa cruz mountains we have had reports of hail and some brief downpours and snow in the mount hamilton-mount diablo area and one lightning strike east of fremont. as you look here the cold is settling in. another freeze warning for the santa clara valley. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. freeze damage to crops and sensitive plants. light purple and bay shoreline under a frost advisory. temperatures in the low to mid30s. i'll be back to show you exactly how low the temperatures will drop and how long the chill will president could. your weekend forecast is coming up. >>> when it gets this cold it is tough on pets, plants and people. for most it is uncomfortable, but for some it can be dangerous. alan wang is live in berkeley with a look at the consequences of the cold. alan? >> dan, it may not freeze out here tonight, but some people have a lot at stake so they are not taking any chances. >> it is good to get lower side of leaves as well. that's where most of the leave openings are on most plants is the under side. >
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